Would You Wear Overalls With Nothing Underneath?

kp17Ku6MuNH-EfQJx_puIoPa8W3B-eCJBI94UhCNkx4Photo: Beverly News LLC/REX USA.
Part of the (constant/worthwhile) struggle of integrating overalls into your wardrobe is deciding what to wear underneath. Striped bateau? Button-down? Leather corset? It's easy to become paralyzed by choice. Overalls, after all, are meant to be worn over something. It's right there in the name.
But, what's in a name, right? Ashley Greene is here to propose that what one wears under overalls may not be so important. Greene was recently spotted out and about sporting an army-green pair, which she accessorized with classic black shades and crisscross heels. At first glance, it appears Ash was going top-commando, but a closer look reveals a nude camisole, which gives the illusion of skin. Either way, the concept is the same: Overalls don't need to go over anything at all.
There are a couple variations on this look. You could go completely bare and risk a Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl moment, or you could use the opportunity to practice your visible-bra game. Try a dainty, complicated bralette or a sports bra that's for more than just your morning run. With options like that, would you give this risqué fashion move a try? Or, are over-nothings going in your not-a-chance pile?

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