The 6 Times Mila Kunis Was Not Having It

Now that she’s having America’s Royal Baby: That ‘70s Show edition, Mila Kunis is everywhere. And we love it. Pregnant celebrities are always making headlines, but Mila’s almost-daily turns in the current news cycle are always the most interesting. Why? ‘Cause girlfriend ain’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. When was the last time an expectant celeb offered this much information about her birth plan, pregnancy, and relationship? It’s glorious. It’s the Age of Kunis, and we never want to leave again.
But in a way, it’s always been the Era of Mila. She was part of the last class of young Hollywood that enjoyed fame without the glare of camera phones and ever-present paparazzi. Therefore, unlike a lot of today's media-trained, almost-robotic young celebrities, Mila Kunis not only has a fun and sassy personality, she will let it out during interviews. Here are six times Mila just wasn’t having it, and she totally let everyone know.

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