The iPhone 6 Screen Will Be Unbreakable & We Have The Video To Prove It

Sometimes it feels like iPhone screens break easier than things that break easily, so it's no surprise that Apple is set to make a major durability upgrade with the upcoming iPhone 6. Since reportedly securing $578 million worth of sapphire glass back in February, it's been widely expected that the ultra-durable material would replace the currently used Gorilla Glass as the front covering of the new iPhone. Now, thanks to tech vlogger Marques Brownlee, those rumors have been all but confirmed.
In a new video, Brownlee claims to have the upcoming iPhone 6 display, which is made of sapphire crystal, the same material Apple currently uses to cover their rear camera lens. While Brownlee claims that the piece came directly off the assembly line, he offers no further evidence as to its authenticity. What he does prove, however, is that the alleged new iPhone display is virtually unbreakable — good news for those of us who drink at bars.
Brownlee performed a series of ultra aggressive tests on the 4.7-inch, paper-thin component, including trying to scratch it with a pocket knife and snap it with his foot. He showed absolutely zero mercy on the poor little piece of glass, but after all the abuse, it remained unscathed and intact.
The new device is expected to be released at the end of September, but you can watch Brownlee go HAM on your future screen below.

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