Lorde, David Bowie, & Tilda In Best Insta, Ever

The Internet has blessed us all with the power of digital time travel, but most of the time that ability is limited to Thursdays when we #tbt. But, Lorde, that mythical chanteuse, has employed her magical powers for a bit of time turning on a Tuesday.
She of "Royals" fame allowed us all to relive a moment from early November 2013 when the art world's illuminati assembled at New York's Museum of Modern Art for the birthday of woodland mystic Tilda Swinton. Had celluloid smartphones not existed, how would we have known such meeting of the minds had occurred?
Anyway, Lorde might have met her "heroes," as the Instagram caption reads, but conspiracy theorists know this to be the moment she was anointed to ascend their unique throne. It marked the beginning of a new era. Why else would Lorde share such a photo, if not to alert us to the future?
On the other hand, maybe she was just bored, scrolling through Facebook like any regular human, and decided to stick it to the man by posting a #tbt on a Monday. There's always, you know, that possibility. But, honestly, reality bites, man.
Photo: via @lordemusic.

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