Apple Has Gone Full-Fashion With Its Newest Executive Hire

apple_embedPhoto: Courtesy of Tag Heuer.
When you're Apple and looking to change the way the average Betty and Joe view the wristwatch, you don't just model your plan of action after luxury watch brands. You steal hire their executives.
Until last week, Patrick Pruniaux was Tag Heuer's VP of sales. Now, he's joining Apple in a yet-to-be named position. However, using the powers of deduction, it's pretty safe to assume he'll be working on the much-anticipated launch of the iWatch. He was an exec at Tag Heuer, for iPete's sake!
Apple has its eyes on the luxury market, and it needs the know-how to make these lofty goals a reality. It already has Burberry's former CEO Angela Ahrendts in the role of senior vice president of retail, and YSL's former CEO Paul Deneve as its vice president of special projects. Pruniaux makes three bigwig fashion influencers now under the tech giant's roof, which, according to the Times, makes a trend in fashion. How chic, Apple. (The New York Times)

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