Flat Makeup Brushes: A User's Guide

embPhoto: Courtesy of The Beauty Department.
There’s been a lot of buzz in the beauty world about the new-to-market Artis brushes. Instead of the typical, billowy tools we’re used to, Artis’ line looks more like a set of oversized toothbrushes. They’re all flat on top, which raises the question: How the hell do you work with these things? Luckily, our friends over at The Beauty Department have made a handy guide for how to give the blush brush a go.
First of all, these flat-top brushes are best used for cream formulas. Since the bristles are packed so tightly together, it’s easier to distribute a creamier consistency over them and then work that over your skin. Use a powder blush, and the pigment may become too concentrated, and you could wind up with Bozo the Clown cheeks. Not a cute look.
Got your favorite, creamy formula? Solid. Click on over to The Beauty Department for the full tutorial and to see these flat tops in action. (The Beauty Department)

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