Running #LikeAGirl Just Became A Good Thing

It's tough being a kid. You're trying to figure out where you fit in, how to make friends, and who you are. That process is tricky, and can really shake your confidence, especially when you're on the brink of adolescence.
So, when you're in the middle of all this and trying to build yourself up, it can hurt when someone tries to bring you down.
Feminine products company Always is trying to change this confidence crisis affecting young girls around the country with their campaign #LikeAGirl. So, the company produced a commercial in which they ask a group of men and women to perform a various activity, such as running or throwing, "like a girl."
Their responses highlight the wrongfully negative connotations that come with this expression. Rather than being a term of empowerment for young women, doing something "like a girl," is often an implication that something is being done weakly. As the commercial simply shows, this is patently untrue -- it's the young girls that respond with vigor and honesty.
They view themselves as powerful. As they should.

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