Remember This? 15 Times Your Fave Celebrities Went Punk

Channeling one's inner punk is so much more than putting on some studs and shoving a safety pin through a ear. But, to be fair, those things sure do help when it comes to communicating to the world you want to damn the man, so to speak. While fashion notables let their inner punk shine at the Met Gala last year, very few of them got it right. (Because there is nothing less punk than, you know, this.)
Since a handful of our favorite stars have grown up on the red carpet, we've gotten to see them experience their inner angst and growing pains, and try more aggro approaches to their everyday appearance. So, here it is — our favorite moments of punky attitude on the red carpet.
(P.S. Please note, we did not include any Vivienne Westwood because she herself is so beyond the essence of punk that simply including her next to these interlopers would actually break the slideshow and render your computer useless.)

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