This Running Store Serves Beer —Yes, Really

Exercise_GabrielaAlfordIllustrated By Gabriela Alford.
There’s a magical running store opening in Colorado next month that will sell you sneakers and serve you a pint. The shop, Shoes & Brews, will have a taproom with 20+ Colorado craft beers, a one-barrel brewing system, and locally prepared grub, reports Runner’s World.
Running and drinking have been buddies for some time — events like the Spartan Race and Warrior Dash serve beer at their after-parties, and the running society known as The Hash House Harriers has a very clear message: They’re “a drinking club with a running problem.” There’s also a “low-alcohol, protein-packed recovery ale” set to debut as early as this year.
The verdict is still out about whether beer is an adequate post-run recovery drink. But, at Shoes & Brews, the goal is to build a community of people who want to run together, and then drink together. (We’re still waiting for somebody to start producing a beer-flavored energy gel.) As it is, we love the store name so much that we can't help but think of a few ideas for its future second location: Cheers & Beers, Pace & Pints, Long-Distance Lagers...any others?

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