Mila Kunis Turns Movie-Making Into Therapy

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This week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mila Kunis didn't mince words about men who think they're doing the hard work of child-bearing. “Stop saying ‘we're pregnant,’” Kunis told the audience. “You're not pregnant! Do you have to squeeze a watermelon-sized person out of your lady-hole? No.”
But, that doesn't mean she wants to discuss her own parent-to-be experience; at a recent press event for Third Person (her upcoming romantic drama directed by Paul Haggis) Kunis shut down the first journalist to bring up her pregnancy. The Ukrainian-born actress spoke freely, however, about the film and her character, a mother who's accused of attempting to kill her child.

Is it risky taking on a character as unlikable as the one you play in Third Person?

“Sometimes being unlikable makes you likable — makes you human. I think people are different because of the mistakes they make, and how they function after they make those mistakes...It wasn’t hard for me to [get] to a place where I understood the character and understood her emotional roller-coaster ride.”

So, it was the script that primarily drew you to the project?

“Yes! I loved it. I looked at this film as an end to my 20s, so it was like a massive therapy session for me. And, it was really, selfishly, incredibly gratifying. I don’t know how to explain it...[taking] all the faults and mistakes and experiences that [I] had and empowering this character with [them]."

How was it working with James Franco again?

“James and I have known each other since we were 23 — a long time. We were very lucky in the sense that we didn’t need to build chemistry. We met in an apartment in Italy and talked about the relationship between our two characters... I think everybody, at one point in their life, has a relationship they wish went differently — you know, that didn’t go as planned. There’s always repercussions and, in this case, the repercussions are a child. They deal with it the best way [they] know how."

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