Meet The Siri Of Yoga Mats

tera_horizontal copyPhoto: Courtesy of Lunar Europe
The future is now — and technology that aims to enhance your workout is undeniably the future of fitness. Every week, there seems to be a new piece of wearable tech or another must-download app. One area of fitness that hasn’t seen a ton of innovation? The yoga mat.
Until now: Tera is a next-level rug that's also an interactive exercise mat. Created by design firm Lunar, the circular, elegant little floor-cover is made of wool and embedded with sensors that track your shifting body weight and movements. When Tera is connected to its app, it can actually guide you through a yoga or Pilates practice, advising you on proper placement using its LED light display.
Refreshingly, the high-tech rug-turned-workout-launchpad isn't ugly. While we are totally on board with the fitness-chic design aesthetic (this editor has a TRX, a kettlebell, a yoga mat, resistance bands, and three weights — RIP missing fourth dumbbell — proudly on display in her apartment) we realize that not everyone shares that particular decor desire. Luckily, Tera looks like it actually belongs in your living room — and don't they say "the more you see it, the more you'll use it"?
While Tera isn’t available yet, it sounds like we're one step closer to having our at-home workouts become a high-tech game of Twister.

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