The Dos & Don'ts Of The Celebrity Apology

By now, news of Jonah Hill using a homophobic slur — and his subsequent apology — have been splashed across pretty much every celebrity website and gossip rag in existence. It certainly doesn't help that the actor is smack in the middle of a press tour for 22 Jump Street. But, as shocking and disturbing as his paparazzi outburst was, his apology was definitely genuine. Hill was clearly upset over the words that he used, and his mea culpa seemed to be straight from the heart — as opposed to manufactured by a publicist. And, in a world as self-centered as Hollywood, an apology of that caliber is hard to come by.
It seems Hill learned from his peers exactly what to do, and, more importantly, exactly what not to do. While no one is hoping for another celeb slip-up, it's still useful to look back at some of the most famous apologies to glean a few life lessons. Behold: A how-to guide for the ultimate oops.

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