Jonah Hill Apologizes For Using Homophobic Slur

Because of his work in supporting gay rights, Jonah Hill would be expected to be one of the last people to use a homophobic slur. Unfortunately, the 22 Jump Street actor proved that theory wrong when he told a paparazzo to "suck my dick, f----t" last weekend. The incident was caught on videotape, and the Oscar-nominated star has been in mea culpa mode ever since.
After apologizing for his unseemly actions on yesterday's Howard Stern Show, the self-described "gay rights activist" did the same during an appearance on last night's Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Watch the video below to see his full statement.
"I said the most hurtful word that I could think of at that moment," a shamed-looking Hill explained. "I didn't mean this in the sense of the word. I didn't mean it in a homophobic way. I think that that doesn't matter; how you mean things doesn't matter. Words have weight and meaning. The word I chose was grotesque and no one deserves to say or hear words like that."
Hill sounded as though he was near tears as he apologized to the LGBTQ community and to everyone he's disappointed.
"I don't deserve or expect your forgiveness, but what I ask is that if you're at home watching this, and you're a young person especially, if someone says something that hurts you or angers you, use me as an example of what not to do. Don't respond with hatred or anger because you're just adding more ugliness to the world."
While there's no shrugging off such despicable language, Hill's public apology seemed much more sincere than most celebrity statements. It's disappointing that Hill resorted to a homophobic slur, but it's clear that he's as let down as the rest of us. Hopefully, this experience will encourage him and others to be more thoughtful before speaking going forward. (That goes for you, too, Justin.) (People)

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