Veep‘s Anna Chlumsky Is Running Things

After spending almost three full seasons watching Amy Brookheimer fret, frown, and swear her way through Selina Meyer's rocky road to presidency, it was almost unsettling to discover how entirely opposite Anna Chlumsky is from her on-screen persona. Of course, one should not expect actors to be their roles, but the drastic difference between foul-mouthed, phone-facing Amy (who launches one-liners like, "I don't have time to ignore you" and "I've eaten hummus with a pen cap. Don't tell me how I can eat.") and her real-life counterpart is delightfully astounding.
Chlumsky, who rose to prominence with her heartbreaking role in My Girl, greeted everyone in our office with hugs and — in very non-Amy form — only whipped out her phone to show us her adorable new daughter. She relaxed on the couch and pulled up her feet; she swooned over Tibi shoes; she brushed my hair out of my face and talked about breast pumps. She remained tight-lipped (though, enthusiastic) about the future of Selina after this weekend's finale. She was a real treat, and (sorry, Dan), but we're Team Amy.

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