Bradley Cooper Shows Skin In The Shortest Shorts You’ll Ever See

spl774890_012Photo: Splash News.
It really doesn't matter how good or bad American Sniper is when it's released next year. That's because, from this point forward, the Clint Eastwood-helmed biopic will forever be known as "the one with Bradley Cooper in the short shorts."
The Oscar-nominated actor put on 40 pounds to play Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, and from the looks of things, the extra weight is pure muscle. Cooper was filming in Los Angeles this week, wearing a white T-shirt, combat boots, and the shortest khaki shorts in the history khaki shorts.
We know this, because we just came back from the Short Shorts museum in Steamboat Springs, CO, where shorts historian Billy Bumbleridge confirmed it: "The shorts Bradley Cooper wore on the set of American Sniper are the shortest khaki shorts ever made." We said "Thank you, Mr. Bumbleridge," made a quick purchase at the gift shop, and went on our way.
Okay, none of that actually happened, and there isn't actually a Short Shorts museum, or a shorts historian named Billy Bumbleridge. But, if there was, it would be in Steamboat Springs, and his name would be Billy Bumbleridge.
Either way, Bradley Cooper has really pale thighs.

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