Maya Angelou: Remembering Our Most Beloved Lines

Maya Angelou left behind a legacy that cannot be contained in a single tribute. Her own memoirs spanned six volumes and didn't cover even half of her life. She was a poet, a writer, an actress, a dancer, a mother, a speaker, an educator, an activist — an irreplaceable voice in American and international culture and history. We all have our own connection to Angelou and her work. We all remember the first time we read the wild, pungent words of her poetry or heard that resonant and languorous voice that sounded like no one but her.
Of course, we cannot express Maya Angelou's legacy in any number of paragraphs. But, in honor of her life, we've gathered a selection of some of our personally memorable quotes and lines from Angelou to share with you. Feel free to enter your own favorite memories in the comments as well.

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