It’s Time For The End Of BB-Inspired Labels

BeautyProducts_IsabelleRancier-1Illustrated by Isabelle Rancier.
I love a good BB cream. In fact, there was a point in time when just about anything slapped with a BB label was enough to pique my interest. Then came the CC, the DD, and even the EE, not just in foundation-ish products but across the entire beauty spectrum. And, we all bought into it. We must have because the industry continuously relies on double-letter labels to push product. But, today, I'm taking a stand. It's time for this all to come to an end.
I'm not saying I don't like the products. For the most part, they're great — the all-in-oneness that's indicated with a dual-character name usually means the product will be effective. But, please. Isn't it about time that someone came up with another way to sell them? I'm no expert at naming products, but I imagine the people who do it are super smart and creative. Surely someone can think of something outside the BB box. Right?
Not everything can be a BB — nor should we try to pretend it can be. If things continue at this rate, BB and CC will eventually just lose their meaning, and then how will we know the real BBs from the marketing gimmicks? (Yes, I realize this isn't a life-or-death matter we are discussing. But, still. It's annoying.)
Okay, enough ranting. Who's with me? And, got any brilliant ideas for other names for these multitasking products?

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