Alexa Chung Wants You To Paint Your Nails With Kale

fs-alexa-chungPhoto: Courtesy of Nails Inc.
Oh, kale — we just can't quit you. You're in our salad, our face serum, and, now, our nail polish. Yep, Nails Inc. has announced the launch of a line of basecoats called (drumroll, please) Nailkale. And, just as you may have surmised, the range is formulated with everyone's favorite leafy green.

Though it may seem out of place in the world of lacquer, kale is packed with vitamins A, C, and E. We're still eagerly awaiting official word from Nails Inc. on the why behind this unlikely ingredient, but we'd guess these nutrients are as nourishing for our nails as they are for our bods.
Plus, if Alexa Chung backs it, it's gotta be good: The It Brit has signed on as the new face of Nails Inc.
In her debut ad for the brand, Chung is featured lying atop a bed of kale, clutching an oversized bottle of the basecoat. She also worked with the brand to create a six-piece capsule collection of non-kale-infused shades for summer.

All things considered, we feel comfortable saying this trendy veggie is poised to take over the world as we know it. But, when it comes to polish, we've got some time to prepare for the kale-pocalypse: Nailkale won't hit shelves until the fall.

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