Strangers Get Shrink-Wrapped Together For Love

At the suggestion of Japanese artist Haruhiko Kawaguchi (known professionally as Photographer Hal), men and women from all walks of life in Tokyo were shrink-wrapped into an intimate embrace for his "Flesh Love" series. This photo project goes beyond clothing line Wren's "strangers making out" video series — these subjects, some of whom were completely naked while being shrink-wrapped together, have never met each other before.
Through these images, Kawaguchi hopes to depict the timelessness of romance by likening the pairs to preserved goods in grocery stores. However, the fetal positions mostly remind us of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's famous portrait for Rolling Stone. The results, while a bit bewildering to behold, offer a fresh, yet relatable, perspective on relationships: The closeness can sometimes feel like all of the air is sucked out between you and your partner.
Click through for more of his eye-opening work, or head over to RocketNews24 for a behind-the-scenes video. (RocketNews24)

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