Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney Win The Best PDA Award

Lady Gaga isn't exactly the queen of conservative — she's hit the stage mostly naked enough times to say that safely. Yet, when it comes to her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, smoke show of a man that he is, she's a bit more modest. The pair is rarely even seen out together. So, it was especially surprising to see Kinney toss an affectionate gesture Gaga's way at her artRAVE show in New York earlier this week.
It's hard to pull off some PDA without nauseating everyone around. Yet, the Chicago Fire actor manages to secure a little butt pinch of his beloved, and even make it cute. You can see that Gaga thinks it might've been a stranger getting fresh, but she laughs it off as soon as she realizes it was simply her beloved poking around. As Kinney walks away from the scene of the crime, he looks fairly pleased with himself — as he should be. Here's to more public displays of aw, dang, aren't they cute. (Oh No They Didn't)
59321_originalPhoto: Via Oh No They Didn't.

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