R29 Editors’ Sneakiest Midday Beauty Fixes

News flash: Work is hard, and the days are long. By now, the eight-hour workday is essentially nonexistent, meaning that most of the efforts put into your beauty routine in the morning will be toast by the time you finally finish conquering that stack of to-dos. So, what's a time-strapped lady to do?
Because we firmly believe the gals here at R29 are some of the hardest working chicks out there, we reached out to them for the products that get them through even the most frazzled days at the office. And, boy, did they deliver. From hair volume boosters to the best-ever lip balm, these are the primpers that never leave our sides, er, desks.
Click through for our very best tips and tricks — and the superstar products that make them possible. After all, an extra cup of coffee is nice, but without that perfect fragrance or mood-boosting red lipstick, what would we do with ourselves?