Rihanna’s Selfie Fail Is Adorable

Rihanna attended the Los Angeles Clippers game last night. And, to show her love for all things Angeleno, she took a selfie with Steve Soboroff, president of the LA Police Commission.
The point of the picture (other than to make Soboroff the new cool guy at the office) was to raise support and awareness for the LAPD. RiRi volunteered to play photographer but managed to drop the phone while so doing. And, from what Soboroff writes on Twitter, the singer also damaged it in the process.
Now, Soboroff jokes that he'll sell his cracked phone to the highest bidder, giving all proceeds from the sale to the LAPD HQ Foundation.
The star, meanwhile, is admittedly out of practice. After all, it has been all of two days since she deleted her Instagram account. So, she's just a little rusty. Selfies are a muscle, Ri. You must exercise them. (Oh No They Didn't)

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