Raunchy Miley Cyrus Concert Photos You Can't Unsee (NSFW)

Warning: If you are the least bit prudish or reserved or reluctant to see an image of a former Disney star riding an inflatable penis, stop reading now.
For the rest of you, Miley Cyrus' epic, X-rated performance at London's G-A-Y last night must be seen to be believed.
Trying to unsee these things, however, is another matter.
The iconic gay nightclub is no stranger to envelope-pushing performances. Two weeks ago Lily Allen rankled Beyoncé fans by performing "Drunk in Love" in a blonde wig and black bikini. What better setting, then, for a back-on-the-mend Cyrus to take her Bangerz Tour after being waylaid by a hospital stay?
The 21-year-old certainly didn't disappoint. As these completely NSFW concert photos prove, her performance was next-level provocative. A little person simulating oral sex? Check. Plastic sex dolls? Check. A penis-shaped cake? You bet.
Cyrus was clearly playing up to her overwhelmingly gay audience with the part-porn star, part-bachelorette party antics. Still, the whole "penis penis penis" theme feels a bit lowest common denominator. Is this debauchery an attempt to snatch Lady Gaga's gay icon crown? (Because waving around sex toys and performing faux BJs isn't a shortcut; That status has to be earned.)
Ladies and gents, prepare to be scandalized by a woman performing simulated sex acts. Well, Sinead O'Rebellion, shock us, shock us, shock us.

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