Raunchy Miley Cyrus Concert Photos You Can't Unsee (NSFW)

Warning: If you are the least bit prudish or reserved or reluctant to see an image of a former Disney star riding an inflatable penis, stop reading now.
For the rest of you, Miley Cyrus' epic, X-rated performance at London's G-A-Y last night must be seen to be believed.
Trying to unsee these things, however, is another matter.
The iconic gay nightclub is no stranger to envelope-pushing performances. Two weeks ago Lily Allen rankled Beyoncé fans by performing "Drunk in Love" in a blonde wig and black bikini. What better setting, then, for a back-on-the-mend Cyrus to take her Bangerz Tour after being waylaid by a hospital stay?
The 21-year-old certainly didn't disappoint. As these completely NSFW concert photos prove, her performance was next-level provocative. A little person simulating oral sex? Check. Plastic sex dolls? Check. A penis-shaped cake? You bet.
Cyrus was clearly playing up to her overwhelmingly gay audience with the part-porn star, part-bachelorette party antics. Still, the whole "penis penis penis" theme feels a bit lowest common denominator. Is this debauchery an attempt to snatch Lady Gaga's gay icon crown? (Because waving around sex toys and performing faux BJs isn't a shortcut; That status has to be earned.)
Ladies and gents, prepare to be scandalized by a woman performing simulated sex acts. Well, Sinead O'Rebellion, shock us, shock us, shock us.
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Photo: REX Usa/Rex.
The singer performed, per usual, in a revealing bodysuit cut high at the thigh.
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Photo: REX Usa/Rex.
Yep, that's Hannah Montana upping her shock value by riding a giant penis.
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Photo: REX Usa/Rex.
In a recurring theme, the pop star was presented with a penis-shaped cake topped with edible pubic hair.
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Photo: REX Usa/Rex.
Cyrus takes a moment to self-wedgie. (Related: Do you think Miley needs to have a "personal" groomer on her rider? This is a real question.)
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Photo: REX Usa/Rex.
This sex doll has no idea what it's in for.
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Photo: REX Usa/Rex.
Here's Miley "pleasuring" herself.
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Photo: REX Usa/Rex.
BREAKING NEWS: Woman inflates pool toy.
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Photo: REX Usa/Rex.
Wanted: A little person to dress up as a joint...
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Photo: REX Usa/Rex.
...while making out with Miley...
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Photo: REX Usa/Rex.
...and simulating cunnilingus on her.

So, are these antics merely intended to shock us? Or, is Cyrus trying to make some bold statement by taking ownership of her sexuality? The singer has control over her image and knows that these compromising photos will be seen all over the world. What is this doing for her narrative, and how will her fans react? Even more importantly, why is the famous G-A-Y club carte blanche for doing crazy/sexy acts? Is she making some sort of intentional decision to alienate fans, or is this SEX = SHOCK = ART?

Maybe most importantly, are straightforward, simulated sex acts still shocking? An oversimplified answer: Not really.

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