Rad Or Bad: Did Cara Delevingne Pull Off This Extreme Braided Topknot?

rexusa_2068015aPhoto: Richard Young/REX USA.
Listen: I am usually psyched when celebrities take beauty risks. After all, without Katy Perry's slime-green hair or Jessie J's opaque lilac lipstick, every red carpet would simply be a sea of smoky eyes and beachy waves. And, where is the fun in that?
So, when my initial reaction to Cara Delevingne's braided topknot was, let's say, not exactly positive, I was a little ashamed of myself. The girl took a beauty risk! Plus, she combined braids and a topknot, which, when coupled, should be like the Ange and Brad of the hair world. Surely, I could get past my initial hatred of the 'do and instead be supportive of Cara for ditching her usual bedhead to make a true statement, right?
Wrong. I just think this look is bad. It's too severe, too literal, and way too tight. It's proof that two hair "rights" can absolutely make a wrong — yes, even on a supermodel. Nothing against Ms. Delevingne (may her freak flag always fly), but I cannot shake the feeling that this hair just does not work. At all. Ever.
But, we're playing a game of Rad or Bad here, so while I may want to click "Unlike" on this coiff, I acknowledge that this quirky style may have fans out there. So, tell me below: Did Cara D. make this 'do work?

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