Would You Try Speckled Eyeshadow?

Look, we're no strangers to art-inspired makeup. We've seen everything from Pop Art-inspired Halloween costumes to out-of-control eyelid art. But, Maura Kelly, of the blog Led By The Moonlight, took the trend a step further and whipped up a crazy-cool eye look inspired by Georges-Pierre Seurat's "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte." That's right, kids. Pointillism has officially entered makeup land.
Now, we're not trying to play favorites here, but Kelly's eye makeup pretty much takes the cake when it comes to this trend. Instead of a literal representation of the inspiration (which we've seen go terribly wrong before), this tutorial is a bit more abstract. Using the colors in the painting, Kelly dots a cat-eye design onto her lids. It's not only totally rad and creative, but it also seems super easy to do — a plus for anyone who isn't super shadow-savvy. We wouldn't be surprised to see this look on some of our favorite celebrities during festival season. Who knew your high school art class could actually inspire your weekend makeup? (Led By The Moonlight)

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