This Is What #Normcore Looks Like To VFiles

We'd like to think there's a #normcore sliding scale. It ranges from full Hood By Air runway looks (which would be, um, low in the range to say the least) to zip-up hoodies and chinos. And the real humor lies in the times when these two ends of the spectrum bend to meet. Such was the case in Vfiles' latest installment of Model Files.
Watch as artist Jeanette Hayes, designer Heron Preston, model SooJoo Park, and VFiles' own Preston Chaunsumlit get extreme #normcore "make-unders" in striped polos and boat shoes for a fake 30-under-30 by a particularly accessible, national brand. Is this truly #normcore or just slightly less edgy for this downtown set? In any case, there's also the typical model-off-duty banter found in all of the show's webisodes. That is, pretty boys stacking showroom boxes and jokes about walking into glass walls. Behold, below.

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