Lorde’s Dance Moves Remind Us Of Someone…

Video: Courtesy YouTube.
Anyone who's seen Justin Timberlake or Beyoncé perform live know that they are supernatural aliens sent from a faraway galaxy where it's possible to simultaneously belt out a high note while executing a series of complicated dance steps.
Then there are those crooners whose fancy footwork doesn't quite match their vocal prowess. Which is totally fine, really — it's not exactly fair to expect someone to have the voice of an angel and the moves of a Fly Girl, right?
So, please don't feel like we're unjustly hating on Lorde (who we absolutely worship) for getting her boogie on while performing at Coachella over the weekend (see the video above). The girl is a total prodigy, can write song lyrics that hit us right where it hurts, and has a spectacular voice. It just so happens that she also dances like the love child of Elaine Benes and Ally Sheedy's character in The Breakfast Club. Whom we also adore.
And, isn't that the way things really should be? Lorde wearing Lycra while surrounded by gyrating backup dancers would be inauthentic. Lorde swinging her curly mane around, slicing an arm zombie-style through the air, and doing a few rhythmic squats is real. And refreshing. And, like, so us.

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