Eight Totally Eggs-cellent Celebrity Easter Instagram Pics

Hey, it's Easter Sunday! Or 4/20. Or, you know, just another Sunday if that's the way you roll.
As with any holiday, the day has been commemorated with endless Instagram snaps of bunny ears, cream eggs, plastic wicker baskets filled with that green cellophane grass that gets everywhere, pet rabbits, Peeps, and enough jelly beans to send us into a sugar coma. And that's just from the Hollywood crowd.
As this slideshow reveals, some celebs are celebrating Easter with bunny ears and candy. Some have met Jesus (kind of). And, some have cleverly found a way to merge their two favorite holidays at once. Snoop Dogg as a weed-toting Easter Bunny? That seems about right.
Hop to it and click through to see the rest of Hollywood's Easter pics.

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