Photoshop Gets Literal In This Brilliant Photo Series

photoembedPhoto: Courtesy of Flora Borsi.
This week, pop moppet Lorde took to Twitter to protest the digital alteration of her features in Canada's FASHION magazine. It's definitely not the first accusation of its kind, nor will it be the last. One photographer, however, is turning the practice of retouching into a visual pun.
Flora Borsi's Photoshop in Real Life is exactly what it sounds like. The Hungarian artist's photo series of self-portraits pokes fun at Photoshop's various retouching tools, from patching to smudging, with her own face as the butt of the joke. In one, Borsi looks like an eager nerd, holding a menu with the "Convert to Smart Object" option highlighted. In another, she pulls a Puppet Warp and gives herself a Pinocchio nose.
This isn't Borsi's first tongue-in-cheek series. In The Real Life Models, which was readily shared around the Internet last year, Borsi manipulated images of people to look like those pictured in works by Picasso, Modigliani, and Malevich.
Check out the rest of Borsi's Photoshop pictures here. (The Creators Project)

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