Alexander Wang x H&M: You’re Not Dreaming, It’s Official

Yeah, you've seen a lot of fast-fashion collaborations of late. Maybe you're even starting to get sick of the whole line-up-at-dawn, sell-it-on-eBay game. But, you ain't seen nothin' yet.
At midnight on Sunday, Alexander Wang made his very first post to the brand's official Instagram account, and it was a colossal announcement — one that is about to raise the bar way, way up on designer collabs. The cult-cool brand designer is bringing his wares to H&M. While you may be confused given that it is two in the morning on a Sunday, we can confirm this is not a dream. You're not hallucinating. You have not died, though you may in fact be in heaven. It's real, and there's video to prove it:
Though these industry-wide collaborations have been more hit-or-miss lately, and perhaps even in a relative decline from the initial, massive success of Target's early International Flights of Fashion, consumers seem to have a boundless appetite for high-designer styles at a more mass price point. H&M's latest partnership with Isabel Marant brought in plenty of cash, and this one with Wang promises to do the same. In fact, we're sensing a bank-breaking record in the works.
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In a moment of synergy that would make Jack Donaghy weep like a medieval damsel and/or infant child, the two now-BFF brands commemorated the announcement with performances by Jesse Marco, Iggy Azalea, Major Lazer, and Just Blaze at Coachella. The lineup started at 12:30 a.m. this morning and goes well into the wee hours — we'll have some first-hand info from our girl on the ground tomorrow, presuming she has not gone into shock from the awesomeness of it all.
Wang's latest logo mania is a perfect fit for the sporty-chic vibes already sweeping H&M and other big-name retailers like Topshop and Zara. Though the collection won't drop until November 6 (if we're interpreting the first video correctly), it's a fair guess to say the range will be a combination of that trend and the beloved basics that made Wang famous in the first place.
In other words? Brace yourselves, people.

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