Can Vogue Really Say Dita Von Teese #WokeUpLikeThis?

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When you see the hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis, you expect snaps of barefaced women, right? Well, Vogue may need a refresher on its meaning — and hashtag use in general. Ever since The World's Longest Hashtag debuted, it looks like the mag has started to fully embrace using them in their regular editorial. Take, for example, their new series #IWokeUpLikeThis. Every day this week, the mag is posting an interview with a different woman about their morning routines. But, it was today's interview with Dita Von Teese that left us scratching our heads.
Now, before we ruffle any feathers, let us be clear: We love Dita. She's done a ton for vintage beauty, but to claim that she "woke up like this" is more than a little bit of a stretch. Dita claims that her full beauty routine takes about 20 minutes (if she isn't going to a red carpet, in which case she carves out an hour to get done up), because she's being doing it for 20 years. And we get that. We're sure you've got your go-to makeup routine down to a science. But for Vogue to equate that to fresh-as-a-daisy, #IWokeUpLikeThis beauty — especially when it tapped Miranda Kerr as its first interviewee? #Please. Using this hashtag as a series name is just asking for issues like this.
Hashtags aside, Dita offers up some great beauty tips in her interview. Her morning routine reads like the gold standard: She wakes up, drinks a lot of water, downs her vitamins, washes and moisturizes her face, and brushes her teeth (not to mention, tries to squeeze in sex to "prepare herself mentally" for the day). She also stresses the importance of regular exercise and proper diet. Now, if that's what it takes to wake up looking a bit more like Dita, we can get on board. See more of her tips and tricks over at Vogue.

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