Pro-Gay Agenda Pegs Penguins As Insti(gay)tors

penguin_embedPhoto: REX USA/Michael S. Nolan/Splashdowndirect.
Watch out: The gay agenda is ruthlessly vying to turn the world into a menagerie of rainbows, unicorns, and club music. Everywhere you go, even the most innocent of animals is out to convert you.
But how? Books, dear readers, that's how. And, not just any books, but a singular book about Chinstrap penguins (Chinstrap has some flair to it, no?). Oh, and since this fictional narrative of Chinstrap penguins takes place in New York City, the gay-factor increases tenfold. Riiiight.
Katie Halper of AlterNet gathered the 10 things the pro-gay agenda is supposedly pushing on today's culture, with Justin Richardson's And Tango Makes Three rounding out the top three. (Disney's Frozen and Harry Potter took gold and silver, respectively.) Apparently the tale of two male penguins building a nest together and taking turns helping hatch an egg has the ability to turn readers into homosexuals. Wow! Who knew it was that easy?
Focus on the Family Action's Candi Cushman has said "it’s a very disingenuous, inaccurate way to promote a political agenda to little kids." Not to mention, And Tango Makes Three is based on a pair of real-life Chinstrap penguins. They live! They're real! The horror. Don't even get people started on Happy Feet. Having talking penguins is already misleading today's youth into thinking penguins talk; slap on the fact they're tap dancing, and, well, the status quo is doomed. In no time puppies will be pushing their agenda on the world, what with their cuddly faces and penchant for licking literally everything. Consider this your warning. (Salon)

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