This iPhone Cheat Sheet Will Change Life As You Know It

applePhoto: Courtesy of Apple.
Considering that our iPhones have essentially become extensions of our bodies (yes, we're all cyborgs now), it's difficult to fathom that there are still ways unbeknownst to us in which their usage can be maximized. Yesterday, we used our phone to chop cilantro and last week we fashioned it into a makeshift mousetrap. Like, how much more could there be?
Well, it turns out a lot.
For instance, did you know that you can make a passcode using letters instead of numbers? Just turn off the setting that says “Simple Passcode” and you'll be prompted to choose a new one with full use of the QWERTY keyboard.
You can also go full-on Joaquin Phoenix in Her, and have Siri read you your e-mails. Just ask her to “Read my e-mail,” because duh. And, if you miss the tactile feeling of pressing a button when you take a photo? Instead of tapping the screen to snap a shot, just press the volume button. Finally, if you're like us and your battery is constantly dying, switch to airplane mode and your phone will charge twice as fast. You'll be back playing Flappy Bird in no time.
For more iPhone magic, head on over to Buzzfeed.

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