Scandal Recap: Mama Said Knock You Out

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During last week's Scandal, we saw how great of a friend Fitz could be. And, this week we got to see what kind of father he is. It doesn't look like either Grant guardian will receive a parenting award. But, they were able to get it together before the big family interview. The Grants may have resolved some issues, but for everyone else things just got messier. Here's our rundown of the moments that left us most surprised, outraged, and yelling "really?" at our television:
What side is Quinn on? We honestly don't know. Sure, she seems like she is solidly B613. But, we really like to believe that once a gladiator, always a gladiator. Plus she seems too aggravated with Charlie to actually be in love.
"The last thing this campaign needs is another sex scandal." Glass houses. Olivia had to realize that she was handing Andrew the perfect opportunity to call her out on her hypocrisy.
How are they funded? It is about time someone asked the right questions about B613. This show has always managed to avoid the common sense questions until now. Once Olivia follows the money trail to B613, she should turn around and do the same for Pope & Associates. Really, who is funding their search into B613? We haven't seen anyone hire them recently.
Well, that is one kind of housewarming. Personally, we think when your children you rarely see are home, it would be best to avoid cheating on your husband behind unlocked doors. Mellie really expected her angry teenage daughter to knock first?
"You comfort people, and you look pretty...and you talk tough." Jake officially got the best monologue of the night. And, maybe explained B613 and the power of Command better than Rowan ever did. It is terrifying to know that Command alone decides when the country goes to war and what political leaders live or die. But, we agree, Fitz does look pretty.
Was it really best to tell Cyrus that Jake murdered his husband? Honesty is normally the best policy. But, since Cyrus is expected to continue to work with Jake as if nothing happened, it might be best for Cyrus, and the country, if he didn't know. And, really, Jake? "I'm sorry for your loss" doesn't really work when you murdered someone's husband.
Cyrus' pragmatic approach to James death broke our hearts. We would rather believe in James' "fairy tales" over Cyrus' dark realism any day.
Olivia probably should have seen that coming. Of course the heartbroken, disappointed daughter told her dad that his wife was cheating on him with his best friend. We all predicted that one. Olivia should have been a step ahead. It seems like every single character on this show forgot teenagers are capable of having minds of their own.
Olivia must dread family phone calls. We all avoid picking up our parents' phone calls sometimes. But, after Olivia's conversations with both Papa Pope and Mama Pope, she should consider just blocking their numbers. They aren't so good at inspirational pep talks.
Harrison finally gets a romantic storyline. And, of course she stabs him in the back. Literally. With a syringe.
"You killed us." It is a good thing that Liv interrupted Mellie and Fitz's fight. When he learns the other possible father of Jerry Jr., his actions will make punching his potential vice president in public look like child's play.
Charlie is the worst boyfriend. We get that he is playing some game with Quinn, but seriously moving into your girlfriend's house without asking is a deal breaker.
Is Rowan now Team Olivia? We can never tell when the characters are actually playing games, especially when it comes to B613. But, Rowan is either setting up Olivia for possible destruction, or he is making it clear that he is Team Olivia. We definitely look forward to seeing the Pope family actually work together.

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