7 Celebrity TMIs That’ll Make You Say What?!

Remember the days when celebrities were like rare birds? We only saw them on talk shows or in theaters, and whenever they spoke it was in the form of beautiful prose carefully crafted by a publicist. Well, neither do we.
We live in a culture of oversharing — we can thank social media for that — and celebrities are just as guilty of it as anyone. Some, like the Kardashians, have made a career of letting us in, while others, like Jennifer Lawrence, seem to just feel compelled to spill their guts. Sure, we as a public crave this kind of transparency, but when is certain information just too much information? Should celebrities be held to a higher standard of reticence simply because they're famous?
We collected a sampling of some of the wildest cases of the celebrity overshare, and found a mixed bag of charming, awkward, and just straight weird expressions of free speech. But, are these celebrity TMIs really too much? Weigh in below!

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