The Olsen Twins Don’t Share The Same Beauty Skills

rexusa_1641780ePhoto: IBL/REX USA.
We've always heard that twins share connections that go beyond comprehension, like being able to feel each other's pain or, in the case of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the ability to jointly build a bazillion-dollar, award-winning fashion empire. What the Olsens don't share, evidently, are beauty skills. While it appears that Ashley is some kind of hair ninja, Mary-Kate is a bit, well, lost.
In a recent interview with Elle at the launch of the new fragrances for their Elizabeth and James line, the two were asked about any hidden beauty talents they may have. Ashley is evidently a hair whisperer who once cut her friend's belly-button-length mane just below her shoulders in an A-line shape to rival the pros. Mary-Kate's comment to her sister's mad mane game? "You know, the truth is I feel like I just learned how to brush my hair like last week." Well, alrighty then.
See, and all those years we thought Mary-Kate's artfully tousled texture was a work of some serious insider beauty knowledge, when in reality it's just a gorgeous accident. We'd throw away our hair brushes, but what looks "effortless" on others just translates to "hot mess" on us. Check out the article for other nuggets of beauty magic from the twins. (Elle)

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