Are High School Dances A Thing Of The Past?

1Photo: Courtesy of ABC Family.
If you've been to a mall recently, you know that prom season is upon us. Ah, prom. Picking out your dress, nervously buttoning your date's corsage, dancing awkwardly to boy-band tunes — it's all nostalgia of the biggest kind. While the pictures make for great #ThrowbackThursday fodder, it's the memories that truly last a lifetime. But, according to a report from the New York Post, social media could be ruining one of our favorite pastimes.
It appears that at some schools in the New York City area, attendance at school dances is dropping to shockingly low numbers. And, one school has taken the step to cancel all dances (save for the prom, of course, because that's nearly untouchable). Principals share stories of disaffected youth who would rather be home Snapchatting than donning a polyester gown and hanging out in the cafeteria.
"Kids don’t need to go to a dance to interact with each other when they can sit in their bed with their laptop and phone and text them," Cross River High School assistant principal Lisa Kor told the Post. "It’s basically like being with that person. You don’t have to show up to a dance hoping to see someone anymore. You can literally Snapchat them and see them on Snapchat."
Kor admitted that the primary reason for dances, socializing, is such a part of students' lives now that they no longer need the school to facilitate it. Moving their Saturday night hang sesh (or group text) to the gymnasium seems more like work to today's teens, the story warns. Plus, there's the fact that their geometry teacher isn't chaperoning any inside-iPhone interactions. Either way, it's always a bummer to see the end of an era. (New York Post)

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