A Definitive Guide To Ruth Bader Ginsburg, As Told In Neckwear

Think of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and you perhaps imagine a fierce defender of gender and social equality, a reserved woman whose clever, and sometimes snarky, quips often make national headlines, or a Supreme Court justice with a CV long enough to make Sheryl Sandberg lean in. We love her for all these things, of course, but what makes this Supreme extra special is her unfailing dedication to personal style. Even in her black robe, Ginsburg finds a way to express herself through her accessories, which is usually manifested in a white lace neck piece. Delicate, subtle, but distinguishable, these adornments help personify Ginsburg just as much as her pithy one-liners or written opinions.
But, what if the notoriously soft-spoken justice wasn't so...modest? What if her accessories were just as bold and groundbreaking as her accomplishments? Well, in honor of her 81st birthday, we present you with Ruth Bader Ginsburg's greatest moments — and the collars we think are befitting of each success. Sure, some of these are a bit over the top, and, no, she probably would never rock 'em on the bench, but if RBG has taught us anything, it's to fight for what we believe in. And, we believe she can do anything, wearing these included. Happy birthday, Ruth!

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