10 Majorly Fun Ways To Ring In Spring

Yup, our wacky weather is at it again. It's blustery and fog-filled one day and then a perfect, sunny, crop-top weekend follows right behind. Can we get some consistency up in here? While it definitely keeps us on our toes, sartorially speaking, this meteorological mayhem might leave some of us scratching our heads asking "Um, what season is it again?"
For anyone who is currently unaware, spring is around the corner. To welcome the showers, flowers and everything in between, we thought we'd do a little digging in the datebook dirt to help fill up your iCal with some super-cool, seasonal activities. From magnolia gazing to waterfall hunting, butterflies to baseball, hey there's even a few rainy day to-dos in there, take a peek and get ready to head out into the city with a little spring in your step!

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