These 29 Celebrities Posed Without Makeup — By Choice

embPhoto: Courtesy of Elle France.
When celebs venture out sans makeup, it's the makings of a paparazzi field day. We understand there's a certain level of intrigue involved in seeing stars in their natural state, but it still irks us when it becomes front page news. It's a small part of a much larger issue, and no doubt a conversation worth exploring. For today, though, thanks to Into The Gloss, we're celebrating celebrities who've turned the tables on the paps, voluntarily posing au naturel.
The site's roundup includes makeup-free images of a diverse range of celebrities — our own editor-at-large included. Sure, it's up for debate just how truly bare-faced these ladies may be (then again, the right lighting can work wonders on anyone). But, the fact remains: These photos are a serious breath of fresh air.
We'd also like to take a moment to acknowledge the fact that these pictures are, quite possibly, the best argument we've seen for regular moisturizing: All 29 ladies are absolutely radiating from within, in that perfectly-hydrated-visage sort of way. Click through for a full look — and, excuse us while we slather on a double dose of moisturizer. (Into The Gloss)

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