Norman Reedus Gives Us A Daryl Playlist, Shares His Mash-Up Wish

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We have an unabashed, horrible bias here, but if you ever get a chance to sit in on a snow day and talk True Detective with Norman Reedus, you really ought to. He's goofy, weird, funny, and dark, and totally ready to talk about, well, whatever. Since we have spoken to him, like, 800 times before (see the aforementioned part about bias), we just took this most recent round as an excuse to grill him about music. Specifically, the music of Daryl Dixon. Of course, Norman had some thoughts, and let us make a playlist for Daryl — though he pointed out that he himself listens to a lot of Sonic Youth.
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So, talk to us about the tension between Daryl and Beth?
“There’s definitely some tension there. The thing about it is, she’s a woman. She is not a little girl. Everyone grows up real fast in this world. Daryl, being a man, starting out was really child-like. There is an emotion; he makes a decision. A sort of distinctive honesty that kept him mentally in a non-grown-up situation. He had a mother that kept him down. He never really emotionally grew. He never learned how to be around people. And, then you have Beth who is the little sister who’s growing up really fast. Meanwhile she’s not a kid. She was a young farm girl. So, there is definitely some tension going on. It’s not just one layer of tension; it’s a whole bunch of tension. Circumstantial tension. It’s a very volatile episode. Stuff goes on for all of us, not just these two characters, but for all of us.”

Is there a role you would never do? Are you a baddie, or will we see Norman Reedus try comedy?

“I do play people with troubled pasts; I do look like that sort of person. That being said, I never really get seen in a comedy. I’d be great in a comedy. I might be the only one who thinks I’m funny, but I think I’m kind of funny. But, a part that I wouldn’t play? Maybe something that has just been done to death. I know they are remaking everything now. If someone said, 'Would you like to play Joe Buck [Edit: We originally said "Bub" but Norman called us out personally, and for that we are honored, humbled, and embarrassed] from Midnight Cowboy?' I’d be like, 'That’s my all-time favorite movie in the world. But, can you really do it better than Jon Voight did it? Could you even attempt that?' Like thinking of remaking Taxi Driver. Would you ever remake Taxi Driver? I don’t know — I couldn't do that kind of a part. But, as far as a character? No. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do.”


So, we might see you in some sort of slapstick comedy in the future, like Will Ferrel-esque?

“I mean, it can be fun. I don’t think it’s really my thing. Just hanging out with those kind of geniuses on set, like that. There is also something about comedians, a sadness. It’s sort of intense sometimes. Those guys are all geniuses. I don’t know if I’d do Dude, Where’s My Car, but working with someone like Will Ferrell? Hell yeah. Or Eastbound and Down? I love that show.”

We are going to print that and get a hundred different YouTube remade trailers with Daryl in Talladega Nights, Part Two.
“They should do that with Eastbound and Down. That’s my favorite show. Quote me.”
Daryl is a biker, a leather-wearing badass, but he’s softened in the past few of seasons. What does Daryl listen to? Or, what does Norman listen to when Daryl? What’s your zombie playlist? Cannibal Corpse? Slayer? Kate Bush?
“A Lot of Motorhead. And Slayer. Stuff like that. I think Daryl listens to a lot of Lynyrd Skynyrd as well. But, Norman, on his own, on the other end, listens to Sonic Youth.”

So, does he have relaxing music? What does he fall asleep to? Like Hank Williams?

“Maybe Hank to wake back up. I think Daryl likes the kind of music he wouldn’t want to admit. Secretly bubble gummy.”

A lot of Taylor Swift?
“Probably not. Probably more of an AC/DC guy.”
Are you currently in New York or are you back in Atlanta?
“Oh, I’m in New York right now. I’m wearing a cat onsie and looking out at the snow on the patio. Rearranging all my furniture.”
Nice. It’s a good day to be snowed in. Is there anything you are super into watching right now? Are you a binge watcher?
“Yeah. Portlandia and Eastbound and Down. I just cranked through that whole series, back to back. That’s really my new thing. But, I really want to get into House of Cards. I haven’t hit that one yet.”

It’s really good. Really dark. It’s kind of campy, but in a good way. Kevin Spacey is a wizard.

“What else are you watching?”

Orange Is the New Black. I thought it was really interesting. It took an episode or two to get into it, but once you get over your dislike for the main character, it gets better. It’s funny and poignant. It’s a really good show. What else am I watching? I’m pretty stoked for Game of Thrones to come back. And, obviously True Detective. Have you seen that yet? It is unbelievable. It is the best TV I have ever seen. It’s not even television. "I heard that was amazing. Is that out right now? I’ve got to watch that. Should I get HBO to get that?”
Given your other aesthetic choices, I think you would be really into it.
“That’s my next go-to, right there.”
Rad. Do you get a lot of souvenirs from the show? Do you actually own, at this point, a crossbow?
“All four. From all four seasons at this point. And, I also took my vest with the wings on it. I have a poncho. Two ponchos. I have my boots. I really have a lot. I drive about half way back to New York and my producer asks me, 'Did you steal another costume?' He goes, ‘Sonofabitch!’”

Your costume is the coolest. Between you and Danai (who plays Michonne).

“I’ll steal Danai’s next!”

I hope she has her sword.

“It would be hard to get on a plane with a sword. I can just drive with my crossbow.”

They are also legitimately hard-to-transport weapons. Not saying a crossbow isn’t, but I could imagine you throwing that in a duffle bag and it being fine.
“Yeah. It’s pretty big. Its funny. When I go through airport security, they always ask me, 'You don’t have a crossbow in here, do you?' I get that all the time.”
That’s like a dad joke.
“I get it every time I go through.”
Downsides of the job?
“I like it.”

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