This “My Day With Leo” Instagram Account Is The Best Thing Ever

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't have an Instagram account, and it's absolutely crushing. And, based on how ultra-private Leo has been throughout his career, we doubt he'll be posting any photos of the amazing short ribs he had last night anytime soon. That's why the ingenious "My Day With Leo" account that's been making the rounds today is so genius. An anonymous user has been visiting all of New York's most iconic attractions, with what looks like various miniature cutouts of Leo, and documenting their travails together. The results have been straight magic.
Hey, look! There's Leo covered in blood and aiming a gun in the reading room at the New York Public Library! Oh, and there he is on Wall Street as a younger version of Jordan Belfort! Have you ever wondered what a shirtless Leo might look like riding the subway? Well, wonder no more. The account has already amassed over 2,000 followers and counting, which makes us ask: Would a similar account with another major anti-Instagram celebrity gain just as big a following? We think so. With that said, here's our proposition. You get dibs on George Clooney if we get dibs on Jennifer Lawrence. Deal? Deal.
Check out some of the delightful photos below. (Jezebel)

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