Your Fitness Band Can Now Tell If You’re Over-Caffeinated

openerPhotographed by Ashley Batz.
Honestly, we don’t need an app to tell us we’re addicted to coffee. The fact that we’re already sipping our fourth cup is pretty telling. But, admitting to the caf problem is only half the battle — curbing it is where it gets real ugly. Lucky for us and other java-lovers out there, Jawbone is here to help. Apparently, coffee is the number one tracked item on the band, so the fitness-focused company has created UP Coffee — an app that assists with controlling your caffeine intake.
It’s pretty simple in the sense that all you need to do is enter every cuppa Joe, energy drink, tea, etc., and then it locates your buzzing level on a spectrum ranging from "wired" to "ready for sleep." It does this by measuring the amount of caffeine and your sleep patterns. So, if you have the band, the app is able to actually suggest which times (based on your circadian rhythm) you should put the mug down. Getting those Zs in is no joke, so if you’re swigging the mud out of control, you might want to invest in this new tool. Step away from that steamy cup and download now! (Fast Company)

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