Do You Live In An Ageist City?

pagePhoto: Courtesy of Sephora.
We live in a world saturated with signs that aging is just plain bad. And, the message is clear: Fight time with everything you've got. This works well for beauty companies, which make millions each year on products that promise youth. And, no where is it more true than in select larger cities. Yes, many urbanites aren't just willing to pay higher rents, but they're also ready to spend more on staying young.
A recent article in Fashionista cited an NPD Group study, stating that New York and Los Angeles residents are outstripping the rest of the nation when it comes to spending bank to save face: The two cities account for 24% of all sales in this category nationwide. Not only that, the overall purchases of antiaging products increased 16% in the Big Apple, making it pretty much the number-one target market for fountain-of-youth sales.
We don't want to spoil the article, so definitely click through and read it, but don't think you're spared if you live in Boston or Philadelphia — there's some news for you, too. Oh, and hey Miami: You guys are seriously bringing the heat, as well.
Let's take a second to talk about the most important factor of aging, which is maintaining your overall health from the inside. Those creams and products can only do so much if you're not nourishing your body in the long run. If we truly want to age gracefully, let's think about what it takes to look your best at any age by taking care of yourself at every age. (Fashionista)

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