Got A Beauty Copycat? Here’s How To Deal

There's no way to sugarcoat it: Being copied is a total drag. Though it may seem like a struggle plucked straight out of elementary school, whether you're eight or 28, it's no fun when someone steals your thunder.
But, after watching this video, our whole mindset shifted. In a little over four minutes, xoVain editor Alle resolved countless issues from our childhood (are you available for weekly appointments, Alle?), by explaining her point of view on cosmetic copycats. You know, those friends who coincidentally appear with bangs the day after you made the big chop, or suddenly decide orange is their signature lip color, too.
Like the voice of beauty reason that she is (this isn't the first time she's dispensed some seriously insightful advice), Alle reminds us that there's not a finite amount of goodness in the world. To quote her directly, "If a friend buys the same perfume as me, it's not really taking anything away from me — cause I'm still going to smell great."
We applaud you Alle, for looking at the glass half-full. Check out the full video with all her sage wisdom, above. (xoVain)

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