Naomi Campbell Reveals The Secret To Her Flawlessness

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Naomi Campbell has a reputation for having one of the most flawless faces and bodies in the industry. But, contrary to popular perceptions of how supermodels maintain their physiques, Campbell recently claimed she never restricted her eating — and neither did any of the other huge-name '90s supermodels, she says. In fact, Campbell says she'd never even hit the gym until recently. (Okay, now she's just rubbing it in.)
International Business Times reports that, during an interview on the Power 105.1 show "The Breakfast Club," Campbell said that she and her fellow supes loved going out to eat together: "I love my food. I've never starved myself. I came in the industry with a group of ladies: Linda, Cindy, Christy, Tatjana, Stephanie, and that just was not [it]."
As for those supermodel workout secrets? "I have to be honest — for many, many years, I did nothing. I mean, I work out now. I do yoga and Pilates, but that's it. I'm not somebody who likes 'gym-gym.'" Nor someone who even needs gym-gym, apparently, unlike us less genetically blessed norms.
Well, there's always surgery, right? Actually, according to Campbell, it's a no on that, too. "I personally don't want to go under the knife unless I really need to, or unless it's like some surgical emergency," Campbell said. "But that's just my opinion."
So, there you have it, folks. Our only hope of looking anywhere near as good as Naomi Campbell is...being born Naomi Campbell. No nips, tucks, diets, or ellipticals needed. Guess she really did wake up like this. (International Business Times)

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