Spritz Has A New Technology That Might Change Reading Forever

We had no idea we had so many friends that read books, but when news broke of Boston-based software developer Spritz's new app for Samsung devices, our Facebook and Twitter feeds exploded.
As it turns out, the ability to read 1,000 words per minute is a very desirable one. And, according to Spritz, its new technology promises to give us that ability with very little work on our part. While there have been a handful of apps designed to help us learn how to speed read in the past, Spritz's streaming technology, which can be integrated onto mobile devices, wearable devices, apps, and websites, is based on the notion that a word's positioning is a crucial variable when it comes blowing through text.
Rather than just run through words in quick succession, Spritz positions words around their central letter, or what's called the "Optimal Recognition Point," which is slightly to the left of every word. That enables us to identify the word without having to scan it in its entirety.
The program starts users off at 250 words per minute, but insists that when all is said and done, 1,000 words per minute will be an absolute breeze. That translates to reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 77 minutes flat. Or, in our cases, reading it 10 times in a row in 770 minutes. Either way, where do we sign up?
Check out how the app works below. (Elite Daily)

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