BroApp Is The Relationship Wingman You Never Wanted

Apparently, there's a new Android-only app on the market called BroApp. Based on its name alone, it could hypothetically be used for any number of things. It could be a barbed-wire-tattoo generator, or is it a keg-stand facilitator? Does it play the entire Dave Matthews Band discography on repeat? Maybe it just turns your mobile device into a coaster.
Unfortunately for all the "bros" out there, it does none of the above. But, that doesn't mean bros won't find value in it. BroApp is an automated texting service that sends affectionate messages to girlfriends at predetermined times so bros don't have to. And, for the supremely lazy bro, the app comes with 12 built-in messages, just in case composing genuine prose proves too difficult.
While the app's creators insist that BroApp will result in happier relationships, we think it promotes exactly the kind of passiveness that ultimately sinks them. But, don't let us dissuade you from looking into this automated relationship wingman. Check out the short commercial for BroApp below, and draw your own conclusions. (The Cut)

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