Lena Dunham's Killin' The Insta-game

There are two kinds of celebrity social media accounts: The account run by the celeb and the account claiming to be run by the celeb, but is really typed, sent, and 'Grammed by some Insta-assistant. (Neither of which are better than the other.)
Though, there is something about the social media account run by the celeb themselves. Let's take Lena Dunham, for example. Simply taking a lil' peek at her feed assures you it's her eye, and her eye only, controlling what is published. There's no professional polish added to the images like a certain bad gal we unapologetically love.
Speaking of all things unapologetic, Dunham is rather candid with her 'Grams. Stepped in dog poo? She 'Grammed it. Discovered a Shoshanna-inspired emoji app for your pics? She 'Grammed it. Trolled by Jezebel? You best be believing she 'Grammed it. The limit does not exist when it comes to what and when Dunham will upload to her account, and that's why we're shamelessly in love with it her.
Some of our New Year's resolutions might have fallen by the wayside (kind of like Girls' girl's overall sense of r-e-s-p-e-c-t — areweright?), but snapping a selfie with Lena hasn't. We'll do anything, really...even an ugly #selfie. Just, uh, no butting heads; lice is not, unlike orange, the new black.

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