Alexander Wang’s Light-Up Jacket Is Yours For Just $2,000

awg_fw14_211Photo: MCV Photo.
The second a runway show finishes, everything seems possible. “Yes, I could totally wear a persimmon frock coat!” “Neoprene leggings are practical and fabulous.” Etcetera, etcetera. And, normally we have the grace period of several months before the collections hit the stores to make up our mind if that to-die-for look really is worth six months of eating ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
But, Moda Operandi put a stop to all that. The designer shopping site is offering runway looks from the autumn/winter collections of some of New York’s hottest designers. And, as British Vogue reports, Alexander Wang’s much-vaunted “thermo-reactive” jacket is up for grabs.
It’s a coat that when exposed to heat changes color from brown, yellow, lime, blue, and purple. Global Hypercolor T-shirts, eat your heart out. If you’d like to make this cover-up your very own, you will need a healthy checking account as it retails at a little over $2,000 and judging by the somber expression on ‘90s supermodel Bridget Hall’s face when she wore it on the runway, the jacket’s color doesn’t always reflect the wearer’s mood, no matter how hot they’re looking.
Let us know in the comments section below if you’d like to give this piece of fashion tech a try. (Vogue)

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